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Top 10 Gamers Swatted On Live Stream

Presenting, Top 10 Gamers Swatted On Live Stream. Follow Our Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/Spacebound Like Our Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SpaceboundU Subscribe to Spacebound for more videos daily: https://www.youtube.com/user/SpaceboundUniverse?sub_confirmation_1 Spacebound Website: http://www.SpaceboundUniverse.com/ If you're reading this comment "not cool" to show your activeness! Top 10 Gamers Swatted On Live Stream Follow us on Twitter! https://twitter.com/SpaceBound https://twitter.com/SBSway https://twitter.com/SBChills Subscribe to us on YouTube: https://goo.gl/YUx39y https://goo.gl/Rnj0Kd https://goo.gl/aMTPYb https://goo.gl/q87Km5 https://goo.gl/qDhWdI Check out the official Spacebound Gaming Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/c/SpaceboundSB

Game Grumps Compilations FAN STREAM (Unofficial)

Hey this is Peter from Game Grumps Compilations! Tonight's stream will end at approximately 12:45a PST (GMT - 8). Tonight's compilations: 1 - 7 Keys to a Happy Marriage - 1 hr 8 min 2 - Trauma Center Laughter - 58 min 3 - Wind Waker Laughter - 1 hr 34 min Music is Blue Lightning by Disco Dan, a remix of the main theme from Mega Man 3. Subscribe to Game Grumps here: https://bit.ly/1wVhyvX Subscribe to Game Grumps Compilations here: https://bit.ly/2Sg4GBt My new gaming channel is PeterPlays: https://bit.ly/2TvOAEg Rules: Please keep the chat fun and friendly, thanks! FAQ for the Angry: 1) Is this channel allowed? Yes. Vern and the GG gang are well aware of this channel's existence. Danny has given this channel a shoutout on livestream (the clip is in my channel videos), and Vern and I have personally communicated about it before. I'm also working with GG on some upcoming projects, though I can't reveal more about those at this point. 2) But doesn't it take away views from Game Grumps? If anything, it adds views. I cannot tell you how many comments I've received with things like, "My friend didn't know who GG was, so I showed them one of your compilations, and now they are fans of GG!" I also regularly get comments of, "I didn't know they played [series name]!" Compilations also increase community engagement by helping people remember fun moments. People are always encouraged to subscribe to official GG in every video description. 3) Why are you stealing from Game Grumps? Well, back up a sec. It isn't stealing. Saying this is theft is like if an owner of a Lego store offers you a bucket of legos for free, you build something with the legos, show it to your friend, and your friend says, "You don't even OWN those legos. Thief!" See how it doesn't make sense? In other words, if the owner gives you permission to use the Legos, it isn't stealing. 4) Why do this when you could go create something original? That's a bit of an insult to video editors. Personality shines through in pacing, choice of clips, transitions, video length, themes, titles, and thumbnails. Compilations take hours upon hours to create. If you watch a lot of compilations, you'll see that they aren't all the same. You get a glimpse of the compiler's "take" on Game Grumps. Also, I've started 7 businesses in my life and make a shit ton of my "own stuff" outside of this channel. It isn't one or the other. 5) Why do you do these so late? I don't like to conflict with any official Grumps streams, and I like to do them Sunday night before the week begins. I realize this schedule doesn't work for everyone, which is why these are uploaded to the channel later in the week. Thanks for watching!


SPONSOR HERE! https://gaming.youtube.com/mrhappy135#action=sponsor DONATE HERE TO BE ON SCREEN! https://streamlabs.com/mitchgames247 SPECIAL DONATIONS: $1 USD Clapping $3.33 USD Orgasmic $5 USD Stay Calm $6.66 USD NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO $10 USD Winner (Personal fave) $20 USD Ultimate Kamehameha (NEW) $25 USD NUKE $50 USD Money Money Money All Donations are final and help me purchase equipment for the future of my channel. Donations are not a requirement i love all you guys as simply viewing is enough :) SECOND CHANNEL: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyzrKgY7Ba2T2TXlYD15sCg MERCH DOWN BELOW! https://www.redbubble.com/people/mitchgames247/works/26820903-mitch-15k-merch?asc=u CHAT RULES. 1. Don't ask the same question over and over again. (Mainly because it does my head in.) 2. Don't Spam (That's a given.) =Timeout 3. Hate Speech towards myself and or chat (You put a racial slur in there and imma ban yo ass so fast) =Timeout then Ban 4. Don't self promote. (Self promoting is awful please don't do it.) =Timeout than ban Donation song for Ultimate Kamehameha - https://youtu.be/1suMhjD6uTI People to Sub to! HIGHLY RECOMMEND! BlazeDrake: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC156i8-zUY2qdJGPC4KxWzQ ItsUntold: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKiiHVXwdPIe33fFoRU-_2w Hansult Ultimate: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5pvR5Hq0rcVRmKInEZzrCg Epic Mode Song: https://youtu.be/_MmM0ilGFSk


Support the stream: https://streamlabs.com/funhaus Welcome to Funhaus TV! A 24/7 stream of all of our content! I don't know what else should go here. Check this link for some shit I guess. http://catbreading.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/Pip-has-been-Cat-breaded.jpg

No Cowboy is Safe! Red Dead's Biggest THREAT! | The SCIENCE!... of Red Dead Redemption 2 (RDR2)

SUBSCRIBE to Catch all the Theories! ► https://goo.gl/kQWHkJ Fortnite is STEALING AGAIN! ► https://bit.ly/2BU0oJe Fallout's BIGGEST Mistake! ► https://bit.ly/2F5ADcX In Red Dead Redemtion 2 you play as Arthur Morgan, a sharp shooting outlaw... who gets infected with tuberculosis. Before this game, I didn't think too much about this disease. Oh boy, this things is INSANE! Not only is it a danger to the cowboys in this game, but YOU too! Let Austin TERRIFY you as we explore the SCIENCE of RDR2! Check out the charities! ►► TB ALLIANCE: https://www.tballiance.org/donate TB ALERT: https://www.justgiving.com/tbalert/donate GATES FOUNDATION: https://www.gatesfoundation.org/philanthropypartners/donate Music By Rouvan - https://www.facebook.com/rouvanmusic Find the game here! ► https://www.rockstargames.com/reddeadredemption2/ Want to join in the SCIENCE discussion? Head to ►► discord.gg/theSCIENCE Game Theories: The Tragedy of Deltarune (Undertale) ► https://bit.ly/2PxobaR Super Mario BETRAYED?! ►► http://bit.ly/2zCM6v4 Mario's LUNAR APOCALYPSE!! ►► https://bit.ly/2FRgd4Y WARNING! Pokemon May Cause DEATH! ►► http://bit.ly/2FnHjRl How DEADLY Is Mario's Bob-Omb? ►► https://bit.ly/2GnkRLK What is a Kirby? The SCIENTIFIC PROOF! ► https://bit.ly/2GnPP6t More The SCIENCE! Super Mario Galaxy's DEADLY Physics ► http://bit.ly/2o8Gztp How To SURVIVE A Nuclear Fallout! ► https://bit.ly/2Aaeo1s MONIKA: Google's Newest Creation! ►► https://bit.ly/2G3uifh Minecraft Diamonds DECODED! ►► https://bit.ly/2IHqk0n The Move That BROKE Pokemon! ►► https://bit.ly/2JCwEHP Check out some more of our awesome video game content: Game Theory ►► http://bit.ly/1zz3t7E The SCIENCE! ►► https://bit.ly/2GAYCgW #RedDeadRedemption2 #RedDeadRedemption #RedDead #RDR2 #Disease #TheScience #GameTheory

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