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SFV: Character Introduction Series – Lucia

Published on Aug 4, 2019 93,545 views










Capcom Community & Esports Manager, Matt Edwards, introduces us to Lucia.

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  • Weave Crew
    Weave Crew 1 месяц назад “With that T H I C C metro city accent...”
  • Nathan B
    Nathan B 1 месяц назад And with that PHICC metro city accent backing her up
  • ggnoobsnore
    ggnoobsnore 1 месяц назад FUHGEDDABOUDIT
  • K. Benzema Is God
    K. Benzema Is God 1 месяц назад Shut the fuck up feminist pig
  • Lvl 5 Charmander
    Lvl 5 Charmander Неделю назад she supposed to be 115 lbs lol wat
  • Crisp_sav
    Crisp_sav 1 месяц назад YU need a kawp a kawfee
  • Jordan Williams
    Jordan Williams 1 месяц назад I have a soft spot for Final Fight characters. Looking forward to her.
  • Veer Pal
    Veer Pal 1 месяц назад Jordan Williams same
  • babysealclub11
    babysealclub11 1 месяц назад I have a hard spot
  • Nikhil Stephen
    Nikhil Stephen 1 месяц назад @babysealclub11 😂😂😂😂
  • Engelberg Munoz
    Engelberg Munoz 1 месяц назад THICC METRO CITY A(SS)CCENT 😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏
  • Rahul Sagar
    Rahul Sagar 1 месяц назад 😈😈😈
  • broncofan99
    broncofan99 1 месяц назад -_-
  • Vlad Dracul
    Vlad Dracul 1 месяц назад @broncofan99 -_-
  • Vlad Dracul
    Vlad Dracul 1 месяц назад @Rahul Sagar 😈
  • Vlad Dracul
    Vlad Dracul 1 месяц назад 😏
  • Ka'Tova Green
    Ka'Tova Green 1 месяц назад Cawfee Gang
  • Malcolm Piggott
    Malcolm Piggott 1 месяц назад So... She's a better Ken?
  • Moises Guerra
    Moises Guerra 1 месяц назад Malcolm Piggott underrated comment
  • The Beast from within
    The Beast from within 1 месяц назад She’s like a police Sakura version of Ken.
  • Ryu Hoshi リュウ
    Ryu Hoshi リュウ 1 месяц назад The Beast from within EXACTLY WHAT I THOUGHT
  • Kurohige D. Teach
    Kurohige D. Teach 1 месяц назад Nah more like Ken clone that's better than Sakura
  • Carlos Augusto
    Carlos Augusto 1 месяц назад Already better than Ken plus thicc. So why care about Ken anymore?
  • Parabab
    Parabab 1 месяц назад @Carlos Augusto I know you did not just say that
  • Diogo Alves
    Diogo Alves 1 месяц назад @The Beast from within with chun li's lightning legs