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SELF INTRODUCTION | How to Introduce Yourself in English | Tell Me About Yourself Interview Answer

Published on Aug 14, 2019 973,464 views










How to introduce yourself in English and answer the 'Tell me about yourself' interview question. How to give a good answer for tell me about yourself interview question. ITALKI OFFER: Buy 1 lesson, get $10 free credits at italki:
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  • English with Lucy
    English with Lucy 1 месяц назад ITALKI OFFER: Buy 1 lesson, get $10 free credits at italki: Contribute subtitle translations: (practice your translation skills and have your name displayed under the video!)
  • Pravija V P
    Pravija V P 1 месяц назад THANKS FOR THE VIDEO
  • Muhammad Sharyar
    Muhammad Sharyar 1 месяц назад Thanks I have been looking for it for 2 months
  • Diesel
    Diesel 1 месяц назад plz tell me what is the song playing
  • 王齐平
    王齐平 1 месяц назад i want to translate it into Chinese, but I don't know if the link is going to work, either way I'm gonna give it a shot tomorrow
  • 王齐平
    王齐平 1 месяц назад On my computer cause my computer doesn't have vpn
  • Uzbek Intellect TV
    Uzbek Intellect TV 1 месяц назад Hey, Lucy. Thank you for the lesson! Why didn't mention "alright" with greetings?
  • show brother
    show brother 1 месяц назад Lucy, If It's possible make a video about funny stories... 🤣🤣🤣🤣
  • Adam Zakaria
    Adam Zakaria 1 месяц назад Hi beautiful Lucy hi
  • Victor Zhang
    Victor Zhang 1 месяц назад Hi @English with Lucy I was wondering that if you'd like to teach in China mainland using WeChat app, that's wonderful. You know the most of Chinese want to learn English with native speakers, especially like you. But those learners can't access Youtube , Facebook or italki. What's your idea about that?
  • rizal ahmad
    rizal ahmad 1 месяц назад So nice learn engglis with your video... So i hope you always make education video.. 😊😊
  • English with Lucy
    English with Lucy 1 месяц назад I have videos on Bili Bili :)
  • نيروز همسات ذهبية
    نيروز همسات ذهبية 1 месяц назад (изменено) I'm from Algeria...I improve my skills with your channel...but I'm in level 1....I want speak English very where's a top tips for that...,شكرا
  • Adam Zakaria
    Adam Zakaria 1 месяц назад Lucy beautiful teaching English love you okay Funny
  • Audatia Z.
    Audatia Z. 1 месяц назад Ok Lucy can flex it all
  • Johnny Xia
    Johnny Xia 1 месяц назад I am just an ugly man. That's all.🤣
  • 蒙昌荣
    蒙昌荣 1 месяц назад 老师,长得真美啊。The teacher is so pretty
  • Bharti Tyagi121003
    Bharti Tyagi121003 1 месяц назад Hi pls make a video on using 'put in' 'put of' in sentences
  • Doha Doha
    Doha Doha 1 месяц назад Hi lucy i am doha from morocco your channel helps me a lot to improve my skills in english but i need to practise the language can i communicate with you on whatsapp pleaaaase lucy
  • Timothy Wright
    Timothy Wright 1 месяц назад I'd love to see a video on the misuse of the word "fun". For example, "funner" "funnest" and my pet hate "It was so fun".
  • Lesly Centeno
    Lesly Centeno 1 месяц назад Lesly centeno. I would like to practice translate English-Spanish. Thanks
  • Jagadeesh Jaga
    Jagadeesh Jaga 1 месяц назад You look soo adorable madam 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘seriously
  • Benjaniaina fitahiana valisoa ANDRIAMPARANY
    Benjaniaina fitahiana valisoa ANDRIAMPARANY 1 месяц назад big help you are thank you lucy
  • Sajith Krishnan
    Sajith Krishnan 4 недели назад @English with Lucy man I have doubt...Is it correct for an Indian teacher to say "I'm an English Teacher" ...???Does it implie that the person who said so is a teacher from England..?? Please help
  • Akshay Kshirsagar
    Akshay Kshirsagar 4 недели назад hey lucy can you please tell me which introduction song you had used in your previous videos.
  • Артём Луговой
    Артём Луговой 4 недели назад Hey, Lucy! Though I don't really hope you'll answer, I'd mention my question. It's not clear to me why you used ‘I have a brother/sister’ instead of ‘I've got a brother/sister’. Is it a different case compared to your own ‘I've got my Instagram, Twitter, etc.’?
  • Mostafa Aboraya
    Mostafa Aboraya 4 недели назад (изменено) Hi Lucy you are awesome your such a beautiful kind intresting gorgeous young girl i have ever seen wish you success in your life and i think you would be such agreat person one day the most thing i loved in you your personality by the way im 25 i really love you
  • Blue BulletFF
    Blue BulletFF 4 недели назад Please show us how to sign up and how to pay the money please
  • wafa Khan
    wafa Khan 3 недели назад maam I am haired you some years
  • kungfu boy
    kungfu boy 3 недели назад @نيروز همسات ذهبية on wattsapp if you have
  • Mika Kärkkäinen
    Mika Kärkkäinen 3 недели назад Hello Lucy! Your channel is great for English learners. I learn a lot of English by watching your channel. I have one question. Is there qualified teachers in italki? I want to be sure how authoritative I can keep the information that I possibly learn from italki teachers. I am not to say that I dishonour regular native speakers. They might be better at some other view point of using language or in some cases they might be better teachers than the actual teachers.
  • Mika Kärkkäinen
    Mika Kärkkäinen 3 недели назад I could give some additional information so that you can give more detailed information for my question. My aim is to read, write and talk in academic world. I am a student at university of Helsinki. I hope to get answer.
  • ahmad ahmad
    ahmad ahmad 3 недели назад @English with Lucy can give me your namber phone I,m lerning English
  • Leen Ali
    Leen Ali 3 недели назад When do we use: I work for...
  • Sajjad Ali khan
    Sajjad Ali khan 2 недели назад Good job keep it up dear
  • md Khan
    md Khan 2 недели назад English with Lucy 01136659080
  • Muzammil Zahid
    Muzammil Zahid 2 недели назад love you Will you marry me
  • Anoop Kariyatil Kariyatil
    Anoop Kariyatil Kariyatil 2 недели назад I am Indian and I am interested in studying English. Please help me
  • New and Fresh
    New and Fresh 2 недели назад @English with Lucy Hey
  • Sharon Naks
    Sharon Naks 2 недели назад Good evening everyone!am Sharon hahaha.i hv forgotten😂
  • bishop john zakaria kulwa
    bishop john zakaria kulwa 2 недели назад Good,you are really good teacher,love it.
  • Nitin it's so beautiful Kumar
    Nitin it's so beautiful Kumar Неделю назад Mam plzz make a video on how can a student can introduce himself or herself who has not completed his 10th
  • salman khan
    salman khan Неделю назад i,m salman from pakistan i'm 20 years old i,m a student of FINANCE how to best my English please please tell me
  • Shah Faisal
    Shah Faisal Неделю назад My introduction is such like.... *My name is Shah Faisal. I belong to MP,India. I have completed B. Com in My graduation nd right now I'm pursuing MBA in master. I have my parents,me And a younger brother in my family*
  • Shah Faisal
    Shah Faisal Неделю назад Is this correct
  • Ahmed Bah
    Ahmed Bah Неделю назад I would like to get in touch
  • Ahmed Bah
    Ahmed Bah Неделю назад Hi Lucy I'm Ahmed from the Gambia a country once rule by British and the the English language should be British English but the American language have dominated. I guess this video or your videos will really help me to improve my language. It's my pleasure greetings
  • قنديل العفة
    قنديل العفة 5 дней назад Lucy
  • parmanand happy
    parmanand happy 4 дня назад its so helpful to me...thank you so much...and u r so sweet
  • Hanifa Hani
    Hanifa Hani 1 час назад Interesting i like it i want to ejoy your class too
  • J.L. Nguyen
    J.L. Nguyen 1 месяц назад Saying, "Good day!" with an Australian accent sounds for me like, "Go die!"...
  • Raiyan vohra
    Raiyan vohra 1 месяц назад Agreed 🤣
  • Addson Zhang
    Addson Zhang 1 месяц назад Australian people say “Today I don’t want to die “😂
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    pactor sister 1 месяц назад 😁😁
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    Pramila Basnet 1 месяц назад Even when they say "did you come today " sounds scary ...If you know what I mean.
  • Jeff Sage
    Jeff Sage 1 месяц назад Just like "sleep well" sounds to me. As if some one is telling me to Rest in peace (RIP)
  • Jorge Pañales
    Jorge Pañales 1 месяц назад hahajaaanaa i just realize it now after seeing your comment😂😂
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    Saila Sanam 4 недели назад 😂🤣
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    أبو بكر الصديق 4 недели назад It also sounds like "could i" doesn't it 😑
  • J.L. Nguyen
    J.L. Nguyen 3 недели назад @أبو بكر الصديق, sure it does, I didn't notice that.
  • J.L. Nguyen
    J.L. Nguyen 3 недели назад Sorry, that's not on purpose.
  • Precious dannah Boliboli
    Precious dannah Boliboli 3 недели назад Hahaha
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  • Architude
    Architude 2 недели назад Its actually "G'day Mate". "OI OI OI mate", but I think you wouldn't even know what that literally means.
  • echan khoisnam
    echan khoisnam Неделю назад My fun fact is i have low confidence in self-introduction, its true😂
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    maxamuud ismaaciil 6 дней назад Thank you so much dear madam I'm from somalia I'm very intrested and i look this lesson , so plz prepare dear madam justification latter
  • Sonia Sharma
    Sonia Sharma 2 дня назад Hello everyone I am Sania I grew up in KKR but now living in Gujarat I am an MBA I work at HUL as an HR generalist I am currently taking a course in nutrition I have 5 years experience in HR..
  • Ankit Sharma
    Ankit Sharma 2 дня назад Where is this kkR located....
  • NtakirutaImana Emmanuelle
    NtakirutaImana Emmanuelle 2 дня назад Greet Gujarat people Once I lived at Vadodara. Now I m in Rwanda- East Africa
  • thyaga vasu
    thyaga vasu 1 день назад You have forgot to add your number babes lol
  • dharam yadav
    dharam yadav 1 день назад So what?????? +96597760497
  • thyaga vasu
    thyaga vasu 1 день назад @dharam yadav how your name changed to Sonia Sharma you became female r your a transgender
  • john majiranga
    john majiranga 1 день назад Thank you so much Lucy, I have learned something from this video. Thumb up
  • Huda Rehman
    Huda Rehman 1 день назад Can somebody help me tailor this intro for a university interview for an Art school?...
  • Sarah Panda
    Sarah Panda 1 месяц назад I don't know how you did that, but I am having my C1 exam very soon and this is exactly what will be included. I am thanking you very much.
  • Autman Autman
    Autman Autman 1 месяц назад Hello
  • Rez e
    Rez e 4 недели назад Sarah Panda hello, Did you take the FCE previously? If so, how was it?
  • Fatimah Darwish
    Fatimah Darwish 4 недели назад Good luck Sarah
  • Ganijon Tursunov
    Ganijon Tursunov 3 недели назад Thank your lesson. I'm satisfied.
  • Ganijon Tursunov
    Ganijon Tursunov 3 недели назад Your are very beautiful
  • ศิโรจน์ ศิริวัฒนาพัฒนกิจ
    ศิโรจน์ ศิริวัฒนาพัฒนกิจ 5 дней назад 😀
  • dada Adebola
    dada Adebola 4 дня назад Good evening Lucy, my name is comfort, a 35year agricultural economics graduate from Nigeria.
  • Gboluwagbo shittu
    Gboluwagbo shittu Неделю назад (изменено) Good day everyone, my name is Grace Shittu and i am a 25years old graduate of accounting from Benin republic. I am a Nigerian from a family of five, born and raised in Lagos. I currently work in a bank as a customer service personnel and i enjoy playing a game called Monopoly. I hope this introduction is good enough
  • Hediyeh Pourmohsen
    Hediyeh Pourmohsen Неделю назад That's pretty good Grace! I hope u be successful in your life:)♡
  • Sophia Sunnie-Ododo
    Sophia Sunnie-Ododo Неделю назад Hello Grace. You have a great introduction. Just a little something. I think it should be, "I am a 25-year old..." not "I am a 25years old..." Best regards.
  • Gboluwagbo shittu
    Gboluwagbo shittu Неделю назад @Sophia Sunnie-Ododo Thank you for the correction.
  • Gboluwagbo shittu
    Gboluwagbo shittu Неделю назад @Hediyeh Pourmohsen Thanks
  • m. o.
    m. o. Неделю назад wonderful 👍
  • fortune joke
    fortune joke Неделю назад Good afternoon everyone, I am Fortune,a thirty years old graduate of banking and finance. I currently work for Methodist church Nigeria as an administrative personnel and I love the game of table tennis.
  • Hediyeh Pourmohsen
    Hediyeh Pourmohsen 3 часа назад @fortune joke Hi Fortune! Great introduction,Good luck:)
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    Danish Rayan 9 часов назад Thank you Lucy , I have learned something from this video .
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    Ramchandra Kopparapu Неделю назад Thanks Lucy for your enthusiasm and teaching . It’s really charming watching you speak .
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    Mahliyo Pardayeva 6 часов назад Thank you.i have ielits exam soon.i learned more information about introduction myself
  • Mudakar Yoniz
    Mudakar Yoniz 2 дня назад First my name farhaan Then i live in somalia I study universty
  • Ilari Peltonen
    Ilari Peltonen 1 день назад Fun fact: I've been training Judo for the last 13 years.
  • stefani ba
    stefani ba 2 недели назад hello!lucy thank you so much for this video,im learned a lot actually my english is not good.thank you..
  • Ahmed Haram
    Ahmed Haram 3 недели назад It is first time comment her so i want to say thank you very much lucy, you have a magic way to teach English language i love u so much
  • sumit joseph
    sumit joseph 17 часов назад I like you and your video intro music.... Pls tell me name of music
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    Abdul Nazir 1 день назад Vere very helpful.... I'm really grateful.. I wonder why some people hit dislike!! They must have got a sick heart.
  • Mita Bajunaid
    Mita Bajunaid 1 день назад If we say "I'm from a family of 9". Is it already included us and our parents?
  • Jia Harrie
    Jia Harrie 1 месяц назад I find it so hard to introduce myself. But thank you so much for this video. Btw, it's my birthday. ❤️❤️
  • English with Lucy
    English with Lucy 1 месяц назад happy birthday Jia <3
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    Amal A 1 месяц назад 🎉🎉🎉🎉
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    marvi baloch study and be the best 1 месяц назад Happy birthday Jia harrie
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    MARIO HIRALES 1 месяц назад Jia Harrie h
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