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Teamfight Tactics Introduction - Beginner's Guide | Full Gameplay | League of Legends Auto Chess

Published on Jun 17, 2019 627,095 views










Disguised Toast teaches you the basics of Teamfight Tactics, the new League of Legends Auto Chess game from Riot. TFT will be on PBE on June 18th for testing and is expected to release a week after.

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  • James Howard
    James Howard 3 месяца назад Not gonna lie, Toast, hearing you read a script is freaking me out a little bit
  • KaranYnwa
    KaranYnwa 3 месяца назад He started his career with planned content.
  • The Peer Review
    The Peer Review 3 месяца назад This is og toast
  • Drids
    Drids 3 месяца назад og toast is back babyy
  • Metronaut
    Metronaut 3 месяца назад Newfag
  • Triston Bowman
    Triston Bowman 3 месяца назад needs some music to break up all this awkward
  • GunShard
    GunShard 2 месяца назад Yep
  • Tom Hunt
    Tom Hunt 2 недели назад When was he reading off a script
  • Disguised Toast
    Disguised Toast 3 месяца назад Won Hearthstone tournament. Won League of Legends tournament. Time to win Teamfight Tactics tournament?
  • Lorenzo Lucciano
    Lorenzo Lucciano 3 месяца назад Would just like to say I was there for all your tournament wins so far
  • RegisKillbin
    RegisKillbin 3 месяца назад Uh... if you need a reliable proven partner, I might know a guy.
  • ZDD3
    ZDD3 3 месяца назад Guys if want to see the winner pov of the first part of this video:
  • Fugo Pychotka
    Fugo Pychotka 3 месяца назад (изменено) Dota underlords* Teamfight thing looks shittier. I meam their fight dosen't look as dynamic as it should.
  • Trifury
    Trifury 3 месяца назад yes.
  • Lilhinesy
    Lilhinesy 3 месяца назад Fugo Pychotka it’s in beta lots of time to improve
  • Nugroho W.
    Nugroho W. 3 месяца назад Have you won the artifact tournament? Pog
  • Positive Thoughts
    Positive Thoughts 3 месяца назад The game looks ugly and boring landscape/map. It looks as jumbled as the end of End Game. I hope you made money from this video, because that’s the only benefit I took away from this. You’re welcome.
  • poincb03 03
    poincb03 03 3 месяца назад party with alot of girls and you are locked in your room alone .That's why Janet prefers to spend her nights sleeping with other guys or her friends while you're alone in your room fapping
  • Kyozumi
    Kyozumi 3 месяца назад A battle of brain again, welp~ yes ofc! You gonna win this!
  • TheScrambled
    TheScrambled 3 месяца назад Negative Thoughts Name checks out ☑️
  • Med Dan
    Med Dan 3 месяца назад poincb03 03 I’ve seen you posting the same thing to them on Instagram, YouTube and twitch. Imagine being that sad to post that everyday on multiple accounts. Best thing is he probably isn’t even reading it LOL
  • Saif Yousaf
    Saif Yousaf 3 месяца назад TheScrambled I mean he's not wrong though (obv just an opinion) , if I ever want to try this new genre id probably go for other companies who are more dedicated a.k.a have less projects and games to catch up on
  • Anton Hladkiy
    Anton Hladkiy 3 месяца назад Why do you want to play this overloaded game if you can play dota underlords or auto chess?
  • Val Stepanov
    Val Stepanov 2 месяца назад Disguised Toast nice, they offered more than 200k for 6 months?
  • A Fanatic Fan of Fanatics
    A Fanatic Fan of Fanatics 2 месяца назад Try winning other game tournaments like DOTA and csgo... Kappa
  • Chunky Coffee
    Chunky Coffee 2 месяца назад Dude you faced off against Sp4zie XD Spedge Hammer is his pbe account he was playing tft on
  • Laetitian Madhatter
    Laetitian Madhatter 2 месяца назад Is Dota Autochess seriously cashing in Ad Revenue for this video? =D =D
  • Mayuri Sama
    Mayuri Sama 2 месяца назад There is no tournament in tft yet stfu
  • FireFlame36
    FireFlame36 3 месяца назад I now want a Pokemon battle chess. Can imagine each star level is just an evolution.
  • Emmanuel Alagbala
    Emmanuel Alagbala 3 месяца назад Omg with the existing moveset and depth of pokemon this would have infinite potential
  • Osjey
    Osjey 3 месяца назад 100 percent agree would be the best autochess out there in a blink (if gameplay is decent)
  • mabangin
    mabangin 3 месяца назад Surprisingly, the dota battle chess mod was based on a pokemon battle chess mod from warcraft 3. That's actually why battle chess has the evolve/rank up mechanic
  • dwi dharma
    dwi dharma 3 месяца назад Pokemon Defense W3?
  • TheOriginalMomos
    TheOriginalMomos 3 месяца назад Oooooooooooooooh! Nintendo would make mad cash if they jumped on that! You could also do rotations to change the units every once in a while! POG!
  • Canal do Feanor
    Canal do Feanor 3 месяца назад would be a nice game
  • SpukiBoi
    SpukiBoi 3 месяца назад That would sell like crazy on mobile
  • globalHell
    globalHell 3 месяца назад The original game came from a Pokemon mod lmao
  • globalHell
    globalHell 3 месяца назад @Osjey it was a mod on wc3 that was originally Pokemon.
  • Giorgio Mascherpa
    Giorgio Mascherpa 3 месяца назад It was a wc3 mod... Now, if you browse reddit under the “autochess” subreddit you can find a guy who has laid down the basics of the pokemon variant
  • TheNokoma
    TheNokoma 2 месяца назад That sounds a lot like Pokémon Duel, great game (mobile), but it is Pay to Win, sadly.
  • Nicollas Daher
    Nicollas Daher 2 месяца назад The original one from warcraft 3 that I used to play like 10 years ago was a pokemon one
  • Allen from earth
    Allen from earth 3 месяца назад 33:00 he just sells enemy daris lol
  • trungsamset0
    trungsamset0 2 месяца назад wtf
  • DingoLord
    DingoLord 2 месяца назад lmao
  • Gamer Nugget
    Gamer Nugget 2 месяца назад WHAT!?!!?!?! I've never seen that what the hell. Someone explain
  • Hazratı Bülbül
    Hazratı Bülbül 2 месяца назад :O
  • PolaR -
    PolaR - 3 месяца назад Just leaves the level 2 lis on the bench for 15 rounds smh
  • Wooahh
    Wooahh 3 месяца назад And during that whole time he's talking about wanting damage
  • LessThanLegendary
    LessThanLegendary 2 месяца назад It was killing me...
  • geminix365
    geminix365 2 месяца назад And sell the lvl 2 Warwick while playing with x3 level 1
    ARGHH 2 месяца назад My eyes hurt from this
  • Rhys Goodwin
    Rhys Goodwin 3 месяца назад Got a mobile auto chess ad on this vid. I'm feeling the battle has begun.
  • Hi It's Kemy
    Hi It's Kemy 3 месяца назад Same
  • trashhunter
    trashhunter 3 месяца назад I also got one lmao
  • Sander W.
    Sander W. 3 месяца назад I got it 4 times, Didn't even know it was possible to get the same add twice. Let alone 4 times
  • Damiän Van Berkel
    Damiän Van Berkel 3 месяца назад Same LOL
  • Kikolek
    Kikolek 3 месяца назад Me too, i have this game installed but it still shows up in adds
  • José Alvarado
    José Alvarado 3 месяца назад For sure, this will be a spacy battle for the auto chess market.
  • ForsakenSanity
    ForsakenSanity 3 месяца назад Not much of a battle, League doesn't have anything to do with this game mode so they should just leave it be
  • Cowboy K
    Cowboy K 3 месяца назад Dota: Underlords will shit all over drodo's auto chess mobile, and if tft comes to mobile i will play it along with dotas
  • pupu
    pupu 3 месяца назад 33:00 if you cant kill the fron line just sell it
  • zenux
    zenux 3 месяца назад pupu lmfao
  • Dean Malto
    Dean Malto 3 месяца назад The classic strat
  • Zoe: Aspect of Twilight
    Zoe: Aspect of Twilight 3 месяца назад HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA
  • KusoGaki
    KusoGaki 3 месяца назад @33:00 wtf,he stole an unit
  • Daniel A.
    Daniel A. 3 месяца назад (изменено) It also repositioned his ashe after selling the unit so ashe had to walk back lol
  • nanja555
    nanja555 3 месяца назад he just bribed darius LOL
  • zen
    zen 3 месяца назад @nanja555 good sseth reference
  • Gowther o pecado da luxúria
    Gowther o pecado da luxúria 2 месяца назад LOL
  • Tom Higson
    Tom Higson 3 месяца назад Thanks Toast. The first video I've seen that didn't assume prior knowledge and allowed me to understand as a complete newbie. Really appreciate it.
  • Blaisem
    Blaisem 3 месяца назад Also want to thank you Toast. I was an experienced auto chess player and after watching your video I now feel like I've regressed to a complete amateur again.
  • Zoe Linda
    Zoe Linda 1 месяц назад Agreed! I had no idea about the game before this so this was super helpful!!
  • BustyNuts
    BustyNuts 3 месяца назад Watching Toast buy 5 Lissandras and not play any of them until round 16 gave me anxiety.
  • Shaun Suarez
    Shaun Suarez 2 месяца назад Bro, Pokemon autochess would be so dope
  • Olivier Hughes
    Olivier Hughes 3 месяца назад Trump and Kripp: Lets save up and get that interest value Disguised Toast: BUY EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME!
  • Lawd Pheer
    Lawd Pheer 2 месяца назад (изменено) I think they should Change skins when they go from lvl 1 to lvl 2 to lvl 3. What do you think?
  • Game Adventurer Frost
    Game Adventurer Frost 2 месяца назад set it as random skin. meaning not everytime u will get the same skin. 1. can treat it as a skin preview cause we have no idea how each skin actually look in a match unless we check youtube or something. 2. it will be fair for people dont have the skin and want to get the skin but not sure which skin look nicer :3 3. can make more people BUY skin.
  • Cubi Nguyen
    Cubi Nguyen 2 месяца назад Lawd Pheer their armor becomes golden at level 3
  • A N
    A N 3 месяца назад LOL you really did take his darius
  • Staz
    Staz 3 месяца назад This guide should be included in game when the mode will be released
  • ACE112ACE112
    ACE112ACE112 3 месяца назад It's too long for a tutorial
  • Panda-ko Bamboo
    Panda-ko Bamboo 3 месяца назад A tutorial that's only 4-5 minutes long is too long?
  • Troy Moore
    Troy Moore 3 месяца назад @Panda-ko Bamboo Welcome to 2019 where 4-5 minutes is too long lol.
  • The Lunex
    The Lunex 3 месяца назад The one winning with shapeshifters was NoWay4U btw :D
  • immortalxRob
    immortalxRob 2 месяца назад Diablo eternal is a slap in the face but this game should go mobile, take my money rito!
  • jammerbf
    jammerbf 3 месяца назад I’d totally watch this video, but I wanna go into it first once it’s on Pbe, I’ll be back
  • Zuignap
    Zuignap 3 месяца назад 16:46 'and we give up oooon' 'Give up now!'
  • Sk1WalKeR
    Sk1WalKeR 2 месяца назад For lvl 2 u need 3 same champ ( 3x kassadin) and for lvl 3 u need 3 level 2 champ ( 3x kassa of lvl 2)
  • Gary Du Charme II
    Gary Du Charme II 2 месяца назад You can have an extra unit. Ugh.... you had 8/7