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NEW!!! (Ep. 43) Lotte St Petersburg Hotel - Tsar Events' RUSSIA SURVIVAL GUIDE

Published on Aug 13, 2019 185 views










Tsar Events' RUSSIA SURVIVAL GUIDE with Maya Krivchenia: St. Petersburg Hotel - LOTTE ST. PETERSBURG HOTEL #RussiaSurvivalGuide
154 rooms Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg is located in the heart of St. Petersburg, a city steeped in culture and the arts. Featuring classic rooms full of grace and refinement, and modern rooms with a cozy and romantic mood, our premium Japanese restaurant, luxury spa facilities, and the magnificent atrium, our hotel will offer guests a completely new experience during their stay. The hotel is within walking distance of St Petersburg’s busiest street, Nevsky Prospekt, and top tourist attractions including the Winter Palace and the Mariinsky Theater, and is thus ideally situated for you to enjoy a special break with your family or loved one. Staying in a guest room overlooking St. Isaac’s Cathedral, one of the most characteristic buildings representing the Tsarist period, combined with a magnificent view from the rooftop, you are guaranteed an unforgettable memory. Welcome to Lotte Hotel St. Petersburg, with exceptional, attentive service in elegant surroundings.

Tsar Events Russia DMC & PCO is working on the market already 9 years and we have very long list of satisfied clients and successful events.
We can help you in RUSSIA, UKRAINE, BALTIC STATES, BELARUS with any MICE needs.
and with planning, organizing and operating of:
• Meeting & Congress
• Incentive Program
• Cultural or Special Interest Professional Group
• Theme Parties & Special Events
• Hotel accommodation
• Transportation and Staff logistics
• Team-Building Activities
• Venues & vendors Selection

We are proud to say that we are:
• The ONLY ADMC (Accredited DMC) in Russia
• ALL our Project Managers are (CIS) Certified Incentive Specialists
• Company is run by the ONLY CMP (Certified Meeting professional) in Russia
• We wrote book-instruction Russia Survival Guide for meeting planners to help organize vents in Russia
• Created First Russian MICE Professional Vlog on Youtube to help client better understand our destination

Looking for some unforgettable experiences in Russia? Just few ideas from Tsar Events:
• Conference at the underground Bunkern
• Product presentation on the top of one the highest buildings in Europe
• Exclusive visit to the Russian President’s Residence
• Participation in the Astronaut training programme at Star City space training centre
• Exclusive night visit to the Hermitage
• Gala dinner with Rasputin in Yusupoff Palace
And we have 1,000 more…

The goal of this VIDEOBLOG is to help people understand #Russia better and to have a better experience while they are here. We wanted to create something that would help people fall in love with Russia, as much as we have, by sharing our experiences and funny stories about our life as an expat in St. Petersburg and #opera singer (Maya Krivchenia) and Tsar Events - #travel professional organizer Russia is an exciting, interesting, and dynamic country, but sometimes the differences that people come across are extremely frustrating and confusing. Our goal is to explain some of Russia’s unique qualities so that our friends, clients, tourist, and all others can appreciate this amazing country.
Hopefully this will help answer some of the many questions you already have about Russia while planning your #trip. By #traveling to Russia you will certainly have a unique experience and hopefully by reading this you will get to experience Russia to the fullest!
We’ll show what is must to do in Russia, what should be avoided, how will be better for you to prepare trip for your client and for yourselves. Together with Tsar Events we’ll shares an informative and enjoyable guide to enjoying the historical and cultural wealth of the world’s largest country.
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  • Ekaterina Kovalenko
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    Mila Nikolaeva 4 дня назад Amazing view from the L Terrace!!! One of the best in St.Petersburg!
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