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The Event is Coming III 432Hz

Published on Sep 10, 2019 5,965 views










You can help the liberation process with Flower of Life meditations:

What is The Event?

Video Credit:

Entire space scene from the movie 'Contact'

Song Credit:

Elysian - Etereo 432Hz

Sound Effect Credit:

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Victory of the Light!

  • The incredi BOWL
    The incredi BOWL Неделю назад Jeffrey epstein documents has 1000 names and there are about to release!!! THESE DIRTY CABALS ARE SCREWED NOW!!
  • Seven Eleven
    Seven Eleven Неделю назад
  • Curtis Taylor
    Curtis Taylor Неделю назад I love you Galactic friends
  • Iris Turner
    Iris Turner Неделю назад 999 And Beyond. Love and Light ☀🌈💛💚💙💜💖✌🌺
  • Hugo Morlett
    Hugo Morlett Неделю назад Outstanding!! We are on the precipice of Victory!!!
  • RaJah
    RaJah Неделю назад (изменено) The TIMING is absolutely PERFECT once again, Jonathan. Just a few hours ago I made some MAJOR adjustments to a certain part of what I call The LightMachine. What I did was on a META-Level as always, and I LOVE your video as it adds FUEL to the FIRE of LIGHT. Thank You. LOVE and LIGHT DK
  • RaJah
    RaJah 6 дней назад Just so you know: I saw what you did there with the text at 0:47, Jonathan ;-) Very much appreciated ♥ DK
  • Digital Soldiers Number17
    Digital Soldiers Number17 Неделю назад Absolutely Beautiful!!!🙏Thank You💕✝️
    EUSOUAYAM Неделю назад Oh My God! 2 Minutes before I see the notification for this video I caught myself thinking: "What if the Event won't happen?" - Even after many years I still thought about it...and then, suddenly you come and save me from my moment of weakness! Thank you!!
  • Carolina Ribeiro
    Carolina Ribeiro 1 день назад Muito amor e luz 🙏☀❤
  • pauline drewery
    pauline drewery Неделю назад I,m desperate for it to happen, and anyone who follows Drake Bailey knows he is being told it is this year.💜💜💜
  • Nicole Nichols
    Nicole Nichols Неделю назад Wow! So inspiring! I am excited! Sending loads of unconditional love and gratitude! Woohoo! VOTL! ♾ 0010110 Blessings and Namaste 👏🤓🤗😉😁😇😃🏌️‍♀️🌈🌞🌝🌟❤💖💛💚💙💜
  • SA Smith
    SA Smith 5 дней назад Thank you. This was needed. Love and light my friend. 💫💜💫
  • Zeeva Amrita
    Zeeva Amrita 1 день назад Thank you Dear Heart! SO MUCH LOVE! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹❤️🧡💛💚💙💜🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹
  • Michel Petkovic
    Michel Petkovic Неделю назад Victory of the Light!!! ☀🌈💖 #GreatAwakening #FullDisclosureNOW
  • OtreboR
    OtreboR 4 дня назад Victory of the Light... the cabal on the run, nowhere to hide
  • Kevin Kinnu
    Kevin Kinnu Неделю назад I can't wait
  • Jade
    Jade Неделю назад Kevin Kinnu exactly the same thing I said out loud!!
  • Yves LaFayette
    Yves LaFayette Неделю назад I'm leaving this movement Good luck in whatever you're waiting for, hope your dream to come true one day Wish you all all the best!
  • Luxurious Sky
    Luxurious Sky Неделю назад what movement are you talking about? if you mean "The Event", the only way to "leave" is to actually leave the planet. Why would you want to leave when things are about to get started? Stay positive friend.
  • Michael G
    Michael G Неделю назад Great work, as always. Thanks brother.
  • Oli Dox
    Oli Dox 1 день назад yes we can feel it coming, day after day. Nice video, would like to share it if ok for u? Light is coming back
  • Raboutot Stephane
    Raboutot Stephane Неделю назад Where ? When ? No event! Blablabla
  • iamyourmuse
    iamyourmuse Неделю назад Excellant...well done! <3